About us
FUSION IT Provide Managed Hosting for both Web and Email.

Our Managed Hosting is fully Customized for your business needs.Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) provide Tier 4 data center uptime, assuring you uninterrupted network and power availability, and 99.97% uptime on redundant Internet connectivity.


Domain Registration:

FUSION IT provides all top level domain name registration including com,.net,.org and Bangladesh country level domain registration .bd.we provide lifetime free domain with every hosting package.

Managed Email Hosting:

FUSION IT provides Managed email Hosting with full virus protection and SPAM protection.Also provide Web mail,POP3,IMAP,SMTP. Email can be checked with popular email clients,PDA,Mobile.

Managed Web Hosting:

FUSION IT provides Managed web Hosting with control panel software and servers with duel core duel Xeon processor. Also provide support for PHP,mySQL,PHPmyAdmin.Latest updates and security paches.we provide 99.97% uptime for servers.



DNS Hosting:

We provide DNS Hosting with Custom records.if you need to point MX record to different server, if you need additional A records, if you need round robin DNS servers, FUSION IT is right place for you.We will provide complete DNS Hosting solution for your domain.


E-commerce Hosting:

We provides E-commerce Hosting with installation of popular e-commerce software. We also provide support for Online Ad(Goggle,Yahoo,MSN)SSL certificates,Dedicated Servers,Merchant Account,Payment Gateway Setup. We have expert developers who can assist you to run your e-commerce site smoothly.

VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting:

We provide VPS(virtual private servers) and unmanaged dedicated servers,if you need root access , need additional software to install,need support for high bandwidth dynamic web site . we also provide managed dedicated Servers so that you can rely on us.



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